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Hannah Montana On The Charts and Sales


The Hannah Montana Soundtrack, released on October 24th 2006, debuted at Number 1 in the US Charts.

The Hannah Montana Soundtrack was the first ever TV soundtrack to debut at Number 1 selling 281,000 copies.

The Hannah Montana Soundtrack outperformed the sales of My Chemical Romance and John Legend in their release week.

The Hannah Montana Sountrack has reached triple-Platinum with over 3 million units sold worldwide as of July 2007.

Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus double album, released on June 28th 2007, debuted at #1 in the Billboard Charts selling 326,000 copies.

Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Music Store.

Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus is available in over 45 countries.

Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus went triple-Platinum on 2007.

Miley is the youngest artist to have two number one albums in under a year, at age 14.

Hannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance Party remixes album debuted at 7th on the Billboard Charts selling 40,000 copies, in one week after its January 29th 2008 release.

The same week the HM2: Non-Stop Dance Party debuted at #7, the HM2/Meet Miley Cyrus album sold 35,000 landing on #10. That was the album's 32rd week on the charts.

Miley had a 3rd album on the Billboard Top 200 that week, landing #50 the Hannah Montana Soundtrack had been on the charts for 67 weeks and sold over 3 millions total.

Together, the soundtracks have sold over 8 million copies worldwide, as of February 2008.

Hannah Montana: The Movie Original Soundtrack debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 200 album charts, four weeks later it reached #1 with the week sales of 133,000 units and over over 554,000 since its March 24th 2009 release.

Hannah Montana: The Movie Original Soundtrack debuted at #1 on the Billboard Soundtracks chart and stayed strong for 4 consecutive weeks.

Hannah Montana: The Movie Original Soundtrack debuted at #1 on the Billboard's Top Digital Album and reclaimed the top position on its fourth week.

Hannah Montana: The Movie Original Soundtrack ranked #1 on the iTunes Music Store, and various other digital retailers, selling over 2 million digital tracks in a month.

Miley is youngest ever recording artist with four #1 albums in less than 3 years.


Miley also scored a record-setting six debuts on the US singles chart, no other artist has ever achieved it. The singles were "If We Were a Movie", "I Got Nerve", "Pumpin' Up The Party", "The Other Side Of Me", "This is the Life" and "You Said".

"If We Were A Movie" was highest entry at the charts that same week, comming in at 47.

"Who Said" made a re-entry the week the soundtrack was released.

Several songs have done great on the digital charts, specially "Nobody's Perfect" and "Life's What You Make It".

"Start All Over" and "See You Again" both entered the Billbord Hot 100, Pop 100 and Pop Airplay, Digital and Mainstream charts.

"See You Again" is Miley's first radio promoted song and it became a top-10 smash on Billboard's Pop 100 chart (which tracks airplay) and reached #11 on the overall Hot 100.

"The Climb" is Miley's first country single, on the all-singles Billboards Hot 100 it debuted at #6 and moved to #9 before moving out of the top 10 to #11 on its third week.

"The Climb" reached over 27 million in audience in a week across multiple formats, including Top 40 (#17), Hot AC (#20), Mainstream AC (#14) and Country (#38), on the week of April 22nd 2009.

"The Climb" was the highest at #8 of the 6 singles from the HM: Movie Soundtrack that got to the Billboard Hot 100 charts on the week of the movie release, the lowest spot was #88 - the tracks included "Crazier", "Butterfly Fly Away" and "Hoedown Throwdown".

"The Climb" and other singles off the HM: Movie Soundtrack dominated iTunes on late April, landing 3 singles in the Top 10 and 7 singles in the Top 100 on the same week.


Miley started a 54-date arena tour starting October 18th 2007 in St. Louis, which extended to 70 dates.

Best of Both Worlds Tour was among the top grossing tours of 2007, selling out every show.

Miley donated $1 from each ticket sold of her 2007 tour to The City of Hope.

The tour tickets prices became a controvery when resalers quickly got ahold of the tickets via the internet and later asked for up to 3,000 for a ticket.


The Hannah Montana DVDs have sold 2.5 million units to-date, February 2008.

The Hannah Montana junior novel series has sold over 3.7 million books globally, February 2008.

Hannah Montana videogames for Nintendo DS and Wii platforms have sold 1.7 million games in the U.S., as of February 2008.

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