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Surprise smiley moment from Miley
-Posted by: Quivi

When someone asks "How you doing, everybody?" the usual response is not a high-pitched mass scream from several hundred throats.

But it's a familiar answer when the person doing the asking is 16-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus, who popped into Utah on Friday to surprise the audience at a sold-out matinee screening of her new film, "Hannah Montana: The Movie," at the Megaplex 20 at the District in South Jordan.

"We're really excited to see you guys -- are you guys excited to see the movie?" Cyrus asked the audience, who responded with a deafening "yes."

The Cyruses were asked if a print of the movie has been delivered to two of the nation's biggest "Hannah Montana" fans, first daughters Sasha and Malia Obama. "Maybe we'll do one of these Disney surprises to the White House," Miley Cyrus joked. ... Read More ...
Miley's surprise visit thrills Utah fans
-Posted by: Quivi

The excitement was intense. Young girls were standing on their seats, waving their arms and screaming in disbelief. Moms were snapping pictures with their camera phones.

"It's been one of the craziest weeks of my life, but it's also worth it," said Miley Cyrus, who at age 16 appeared poised and confident when answering questions. "I have a good makeup artist to touch me up."

She said she hopes people look up to her as a role model, but also admitted that she, like her fans, is growing up and has made mistakes. Her advice to young girls who want to be like her is to not give up and keep dreaming.

"Don't let anyone tell you, 'You can't,' " Cyrus said. "I think I'm a good testimony to that. Honestly, I was told 'no' so many times." ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus surprises movie-goers at Utah theater
-Posted by: Quivi

It was the surprise of a lifetime for a theater full of "Hannah Montana" fans when pop princess Miley Cyrus made an appearance at a Utah premiere of her new movie.

When we talked to Miley, she said there was a specific reason she chose to visit Salt Lake City. "It's somewhere that nobody expected. We originally in Knoxville, which is, you know, in Tennessee. So that was kind of like, it was cool because that's where the movie was shot, but here I think is just somewhere that no one would expect," she said. ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus makes surprise appearance in Utah
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus made a surprise appearance at a South Jordan screening of Hannah Montana: The Movie on Friday.

The previews before the movie had already begun when the projector suddenly stopped and an announcer came out with a microphone explaining they were having technical difficulties.

The Disney TV and pop star then walked out in front of hundreds of fans at The District Theater and spoke to hundreds of shocked kids and adults. ... Read More ...
Fans and Stars at Nashville Premiere of Hannah Movie
-Posted by: Quivi

Hollywood came to Nashville Thursday night (April 9) as fans lined the street and sidewalks surrounding the entrance of the Regal Green Hills Theater for the local premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie. Throngs of young fans waited patiently near the red carpet hoping to get a glimpse of stars Miley Cyrus, father Billy Ray Cyrus and their famous friends.

Those friends included Taylor Swift, who wrote and performed one of the songs in the film. Also on the red carpet were Sara Evans, Phil Vassar, Martina McBride, Clint Black and Big & Rich's Big Kenny, who all attended with their families. ... Read More ...
TV Guide's "Big Movie Premiere" for Hannah Montana the Movie!
-Posted by: Mikey

TV Guide had a special on Hannah Montana the Movie where you got a behind the scenes look at the making of the movie while getting interviews from the stars themselves at the Hannah Montana the Movie premiere! Check the video out here.
Hannah Montana: The Movie Forum Section - Reviews Wanted
-Posted by: Nicky

Hey everyone Hannah Montana: The Movie is out today and we are looking for all of you who have see the movie to post reviews in our special Hannah Montana: The Movie section of the forum HERE.

If you have anything else to post about the movie please post it in this section too.
The Climb Disney Performance & Cast Countdown Now Playing Videos!!
-Posted by: Nicky

Miley performed her new song The Climb for the Disney Channel and we now have the video of her wonderful performance. If you haven't seen it or just want to watch it again, check it out HERE. Also check out the video of HM The Movie Cast Countdown - Now Playing which is HERE.

Plus There's so much going on you might of missed one or even a few of our video updates. Check out all our video archive here. The latest? Tyra Banks | Rachel Ray | Regis & Kelly | E! Special | GMA #1 | GMA #2 | Jay Leno | Bing Movie Premiere
Miley Cyrus wows 'Hannah Montana' fans at West Knoxville theater
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus surprised theatergoers by walking into the noon showing of her �Hannah Montana: The Movie� today at the Regal�s Pinnacle Stadium 18 theater at Turkey Creek in West Knoxville.

Cyrus, accompanied by her father and co-star, Billy Ray Cyrus, walked into the packed theater to thunderous applause and the screams of shocked girls with their mothers. Her brief visit was a well-kept secret for almost a week, with media being asked to sign an agreement not to leak the news prior to her arrival.

The starlet joked to the crowd, �I thought we might walk into an empty theater.�

That was unlikely, given her fan base and the Disney public machine working behind her. Still, Disney counterparts the Jonas Brothers and their recent 3-D movie bombed quickly after opening weekend. In the movie business, even a sure thing is hard to call these days.

Cyrus� arrival came between sneak previews and the start of her film. She led the crowd in a quick a cappella version of �Best of Both Worlds,� the theme song from the �Hannah Montana� series.

After making small talk with the crowd, Billy Ray shook hands with fans on the front row; Miley had a photo taken with her cell phone of her with the audience.

... Read More ...
'Hannah' keeps Miley Cyrus grounded
-Posted by: Quivi

For Miley Cyrus, star of Disney's popular television series "Hannah Montana" and its big-screen adaptation "Hannah Montana: The Movie," art is not far from real life. The 16-year-old actress and singer reconnected with her Southern roots for the filming of "Hannah Montana: The Movie." Traveling to Tennessee to shoot the movie, Cyrus said, helped keep her grounded.

"It actually gave me time to relax, and it was when my career was just starting to take off ... when I was just starting to travel," Cyrus said. "It was at a time when I needed to go back home and it couldn't have been more of a perfect time." ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus Says Future Of 'Hannah Montana' Is 'Not Really Up To Me'
-Posted by: Quivi

With "Hannah Montana: The Movie" hitting theaters Friday, many fans are wondering if the show will continue beyond its current third season. Star Miley Cyrus has mixed feelings, wanting to stick with "Hannah" and also hoping to move on to new, edgier projects.

"I would love for Hannah Montana to keep [going and] hopefully do another season," she told MTV News. "But it's not really up to me. Everyone kind of puts it on my shoulders, but at the end ... it's up to Disney and what they want to do with the show." ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus starts a tattoo line
-Posted by: Quivi

If Miley Cyrus wasn�t getting under your skin, she�s now getting on top of it. The singer-actress � whose �Hannah Montana: The Movie� opens Friday � has launched a line of Hannah-themed tattoo bandages with the help of Nexcare. But can the �tats� fix her recent boo-boos � like voicing her disdain for �Twilight� hottie Robert Pattinson and calling paparazzi herself so they�d snap her pic at a tanning salon? We don�t think they�re big enough for that!

Check them out HERE
Miley and Emily of the Tyra Show Video
-Posted by: Nicky

Miley and Emily were on the Tyra Show today to promote Hannah Montana: The Movie. The interview was great and if you missed it or just want to watch it again check it out HERE

Nashville Premiere & Book Signing
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley had a Miles To Go Book Signing and a Hannah Montana: The Movie VIP Screening at hometwon in Nashville today. Our fav busy bee had fun with her family and friends, including Mitchel Musso, at her farm and premiere - check out all the photos!

Nashville Hannah Montana: The Movie Screening
Nashville Miles To Go Book Signing

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus movie to be shot in Savannah
-Posted by: Quivi

The governor's office in Georgia says the Disney movie "The Last Song," starring Miley Cyrus, will be filmed in Savannah this summer. Georgia had been contending with North Carolina for the film, which the governor's office says will bring about 250 jobs to the state. ... Read More ...

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