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Oct 9th ~ Des Moines, IA
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Oct 15th ~ San Antonio, TX
Oct 18th ~ Dallas, TX
Oct 20th ~ New Orleans, LA
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People's Choice Awards Winner!
-Posted by: Nancy

Everyone here at Miley-Cyrus.Com would like to congratulate Miley on winning People's Choice Award Favorite Breakout Movie Actor. Congratulations to you Miley! =)
More Phillip Island Candids
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added another set of candids of Miley on Phillip Island with Liam Hemsworth. Enjoy!

Phillip Island Candids
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added candids of Miley looking bright and cheerful in Phillip Island Victoria in Australia visiting Liam and his family on January 3rd. Enjoy!

AOL Radio Top 10 Artists of 2009 #8 Miley Cyrus
-Posted by: Bing

Miley Cyrus has been a living, breathing corporation for some time, with albums, sold-out tours, a memoir, a clothing line, and the Hannah Montana series to fuel the franchise. But 2009 was more important as ever, as the 17-year-old transitions from a Disney Hannah Montana tween product into a full-blown adult, with not nearly as much time as other Disney alums Britney, Justin, or Christina.

But so far, Miley is holding her ground. She was featured on Timbaland's most recent album, 'Shock Value II.' She launched her 2009 North American Tour and released two singles that hit the top 20 charts: 'The Climb' and 'Party In the USA.' The latter was so popular, it was even given a sign-language video. And even though the catchy song is more age appropriate for a 17-year-old, mothers of Hannah Montana fans were still critical of her video, especially Miley's revealing dress attire. But this won't hurt Miley's reputation -- the pole dancing at the VMAs surely didn't. After all, the British Royal Family still loves her. She (along with Lady GaGa) were invited to perform for the Queen in December.

Source: AOL Radio Blog
New Candids
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added candids of Miley leaving her hotel. Enjoy!

'Miley' Rising in Baby Name Popularity
-Posted by: Bry

New parents are naming their baby girls after timeless beauty Miley Ray Cyrus, reports MSNBC. 'Aiden' and 'Madeline' were the top baby names this year, but it's celebrities who have had the most influence on parents, boosting the popularity of 'Miley,' 'Rihanna' & 'Kingston.'

Other celebrity influences on names include Khloe [Kardashian], Marley, after the romantic comedy film Marley & Me, Malia, inspired by President Barack Obama's daughter as well as fictional characters from the movie Twilight, Edward, Cullen, Bella & Esme.

Source: OceanUp
Fly On The Wall caps!
-Posted by: Bing

Hey there guys, we've just done and uploaded Miley's "Fly On The Wall" music video caps to our gallery. Please enjoy these 836 caps and also check out her filming candids.

Bret Michaels about working with Miley
-Posted by: Nancy

Miley Cyrus was excited to work with Bret Michaels on a "rad" cover of Poison's classic ballad "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," and the feeling was mutual. Michaels insisted that Cyrus is the real deal and he was honored that the star was interested in working with him on the song.

"It was really, really simple," he told MTV News recently while promoting his cameo in "American Pie Presents: The Book of Love." "I think her first concert was Poison. She saw us at Nashville at the arena. It was her introduction into rock and roll."
... Read More ...
New Series for Mitchel!
-Posted by: Nancy

Disney XD is going royal with a series order for the live-action comedy pilot "Pair of Kings."

The series, which will start production in March for a fall premiere, stars "Hannah Montana" veteran Mitchel Musso and "House of Payne" regular Doc Shaw as 16-year-old fraternal twins (one white and one black). They are typical teenagers in Chicago raised by their aunt and uncle until they find out that they are heirs to the throne of the island of Kinkou; they relocate there to become kings.

Rounding out the cast are Geno Segers as the Royal Secretary, Kelsey Chow as his daughter and Ryan Ochoa as their disgruntled cousin and wannabe king. ... Read More ...
Late Late Show Pics
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added a few pictures of Miley on the Late Late Show in Dublin on December 18th, 2009. Enjoy!

Shopping Candids
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added candids from today of Miley shopping with her brother in Dublin. Enjoy!

Royal Variety Show
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added photos of Miley meeting the Queen of England, Lady Gaga, and then performing on the Royal Variety Show. Enjoy!

Heathrow Airport Candids
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added candids of Miley huddling close to her brother at the Heathrow Airport. Enjoy!

Miley Cyrus is MTV's #5 Woman of the Year
-Posted by: Bry

Hey guys. Miley was chosen as the #5 MTV Woman of the Year! Here's the video. Enjoy. (:

Sarah Jessica Parker Impressed by Miley's Height, Professionalism
-Posted by: Nancy

Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus don't appear onscreen together in "Sex and the City 2," in theaters next year, but Parker did spend enough time on set with the 17-year-old singer/actress to learn one big thing about her: She's a rather tall girl.

"I had very little [time] with Miley, but I was astounded by her height," Parker told MTV News while promoting her flick, "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" "Did you know that she's tall? She's like a Viking. I had no idea!"

And while Cyrus filmed her brief cameo as herself for "SATC 2," Parker noticed that the teen's stature (which much be higher than her last reported 5-foot-4) was matched by her professional attitude.

"She's a beautiful young lady and very self-possessed," she said. "I literally was not in the scene with her. I was in the scene, but we were not [onscreen] together. But she was lovely and on time and prompt and professional, very sweet. She worked two hours and she was in and out."

Source: MTV

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