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More Hannah Montana Caps Updates
-Posted by: Quivi

One more Hannah Montana episode caps added to our archive, n of course Emily's looking lovely and funny in each n every cap so be sure to check them out HERE
Mitchel's Hannah Montana Caps Update
-Posted by: Quivi

We added captures of two older Hannah Montana episodes we were missing from our archives and here's all the super funny and always cute caps of Mitchel HERE & HERE
Hannah Montana Caps Update
-Posted by: Quivi

We're updating our Hannah Montana caps and we just added Emily captures of episode "Bye Bye Ball". Check them out HERE n be sure to comment or rate your favs too =] Check back for more HM caps up-to-dates!
Mitchel Caps Update
-Posted by: Quivi

We found some older videos of Mitchel we had posted as videos in the forum but never capped so we went ahead and capped him for you at the Disney Channel Games 2007 ;] Check out the CAPTURES HERE n let them take you back in time!

Mitchel Musso Mitchel Musso Mitchel Musso

Hanging with Emily
-Posted by: Nancy

Check out this video of Emily hanging out before performing. Enjoy! =]

More Last Song!
-Posted by: Nancy

Along with the new Last Song page, we've added images from a promotional shoot as well as the cover art for the soundtrack. The previews of the soundtrack are now available through Amazon. Make sure you check it out and preorder! Enjoy! =]

'Hannah' star Osment dives into music
-Posted by: Quivi

Emily Osment is no stranger to the limelight.

At the young age of six, she had already played a major role in "Sarah Plain and Tall" alongside Glenn Close and Christopher Walken. But by 2006, Emily Osment landed the coveted role of Lily Truscott in Disney�s hit TV show "Hannah Montana."

Recently, 17-year-old Osment chose to take a different path � towards music.

�I�ve been writing and recording for a long time,� Osment said in Toronto recently. �Two years ago I decided, �Hmm I should probably release this at some point.��

"All the Right Wrongs" was released last fall and she just completed a tour in Canada.

During a visit to Toronto, Osment took the time to answer questions about her new album, her role in Hannah Montana (which ends its run next year), competing with a brother who saw dead people in "Sixth Sense," and why she admires Alanis Morrisette.

You went from acting, and then moved over to singing. What made you decide to do that?

My mom is an English teacher and so I grew up writing and my brother is a musician as well... I have a huge binder of all this stuff and I just threw it at them and just said, 'Let�s go! Let�s write an album.' And it worked out and it's been a long process and it wasn't so much like 'Oh I want to be a singer now.' ... Read More ...
The Last Song Info
-Posted by: Quivi

We opened a new info section all about Miley's upcoming movie "The Last Song" that's set to hit the big screen at the end of this month, March 31st. We'll keep adding all info, photos and media related to the movie here so be sure to check it out and visit it back for updates! For the quick link to it just click "Info" under Current Projects.

THE LAST SONG info section
Staff Openings!
-Posted by: Quivi

Hello people, we're having staff openings, so if you love this site and our Network MyMostWanted.com and wanna be part of our team please APPLY TODAY. We're looking for scanners, cappers, and caps sorters, plus if you wanna become co-web of one of our fansites we'll concider it too.

READ MORE about each opening HERE & contact us via PM (to summerangel) or via e-mail to mymostwantedcowebs[at]gmail.com GOOD LUCK and Thanks a Lot!
Miley Cyrus' unromantic Oscars
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus won�t be taking her boyfriend to the Academy Awards.

The �Hannah Montana� actress � who is set to present an award at the forthcoming Oscars � is reportedly worried her appearance at the prestigious ceremony will be overshadowed if she is accompanied by Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

A source revealed: �Liam�s a pretty low-key guy anyway, he doesn�t mind not going.� ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus Sings About Undressing Controversity
-Posted by: Quivi

Being one of the most popular teen stars around, Miley Cyrus is no stranger to being the subject of controversy.

The latest controversy surrounding her stemmed from the new track she recorded with rocker Bret Michaels. The rock country number, titled Nothing to Lose, consists of this line of lyric: "We both know better than this/Still we can't resist/Slowly get undressed".

While many expressed that it is inappropriate for the 17-year-old to sing about stripping, Michaels, who is also the frontman for American glam rock band Poison, thinks that people are merely making a mountain out of a molehill. ... Read More ...
Bret Michaels Not Defensive About Miley Collaboration
-Posted by: Quivi

Bret Michaels' new track featuring Miley Cyrus has created quite a firestorm, but the Rock of Love star says there's "nothing I have to be defensive about."

When the country-rock ballad "Nothin' to Lose" was released online last week, Michaels said he received a lot of feedback about having the 17-year-old Cyrus sing harmonies to his suggestive lyrics. "I was like ... Everyone's going nuts!" Michaels told Us Weekly.

The song, which is about a romance gone bad and features lyrics about slowly getting undressed, was written a couple years ago, Michaels said. Cyrus was added to the track when he played the song for her during a recording session for Cyrus' cover of Michaels' "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

"[Miley was] like, 'This is an incredible song, it's beautiful. Maybe I could [add] some stuff to it, some harmonies,'" Michaels said. "She was excited that she didn't have to follow any rules." ... Read More ...
Walking in Toluca Lake
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added candids of Miley walking in Toluca Lake with Liam Hemsworth. Enjoy! =]

March 2010
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added a March 2010 calendar of Mitchel. Enjoy! =]

March 2010 Calendar
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added a March 2010 calendar of the gorgeous Miley for your use. Enjoy! =]

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