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HQ Last Song Stills
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added HQ stills of the Last Song! Enjoy! The movie will premiere in just over a week!

New "The Last Song" Forum Skins!
-Posted by: Quivi

We've got two brand new forum skins featuring Miley's "The Last Song". Click on your favourite one and start enjoying the forum in an all-new way! HOPE YOU LIKE THEM! :D N be sure to check back for even more coming soon

Miley Cyrus in The Last Song forum skin Miley Cyrus in The Last Song forum skin

Big Thanks to our lovely staff Keely and Sam for making these! Be sure to leave them a comment on their work on their profile's visitors messages or pm. ;]

For all the Miley forum skins previews go HERE & remember we've got a new section all about "The Last Song" HERE
"Miley Says Goodbye" In-Stores Now
-Posted by: Quivi

Disney has released a new Hannah Montana DVD: �Miley Says Goodbye?� and you can get it in-stores or ONLINE right now!! The DVD includes the 2-part season 3 finale of the Disney Channel Original Series Hannah Montana, the 2nd part episode doesn't air until March 14.. so if you can't wait go and get the DVD!

Plus it includes lots of other episodes and bonus material, read more bellow and see a full review here

- �He Could Be The One� � 1-hour episode with alternate ending
- Sister Secrets � Miley�s real-life sister, Brandi, leads this exclusive backstage tour of the Hannah Montana show. Armed with her �Brandi-Cam,� Brandi gets access and juicy details that only a real BFF can get with Miley, Emily, Jason, Mitchel, Moises, and even her dad, Billy Ray.
- Hannah Highlights � Pop-up trivia/facts on the episode �You Never Give Me My Money�
Ask Miley about the Last Song!
-Posted by: Nancy

Are you dying to ask Miley about THE LAST SONG? Here�s your chance!

To thank THE LAST SONG Facebook fans for their support, we have decided to interview Miley using questions that you submit in the comments section below from now until Friday, March 12th at 12pm EST. To do this, you must first become a fan of the page, which you can do on the Wall of the THE LAST SONG page.

We will select 10 fans� questions for Miley to answer and post the videos here shortly.

Don�t miss out on this great opportunity!

UPDATED: We have even more exciting news! We will also be interviewing Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear, and Kelly Preston using your questions! When posting your question in the comments below, please designate which cast member you are asking.
Hollywood Boulevard
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added pics of Miley looking amazing while walking down Hollywood Boulevard. Enjoy! =]

Happy Birthday Emily!
-Posted by: Nancy

Today is Emily's 18th birthday! Everyone at EmilyOsment.Org would like to wish Emily a very happy birthday and another wonderful year! =]
Teen Vogue
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added photos from the upcoming Teen Vouge magazine featuring an interview and photoshoot of Miley and Liam. Make sure you pick of the April 2010 issue. In the meantime, enjoy these pics! =]

More Oscars!
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added hundreds of pictures of Miley looking stunning at the Oscars and after party. Check HERE and HERE! Enjoy! =]

Bike Ride in Toluca Lake
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added candids of Miley out riding her bike with Liam Hemsworth today in Toluca Lake. Enjoy! =]

82nd Annual Academy Awards Photos
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley's looking amazing at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards tonight, she's walking the red carpet right now and set to present during the show, so be sure to tune in the the Awards & right now go check out the PHOTOS HERE *Check back for lots more every minute!!*

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Bike Riding
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added candids of Miley riding her bike with Liam Hemsworth in Toluca Lake. Enjoy! =] Also, remember to watch Miley presenting at the Oscars tonight at 8 ET.

Baskin Robbins
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added candids of Miley at Baskin Robbins with Liam and Brandi. Enjoy! =]

Future of Hannah
-Posted by: Nancy

In the two-part cliffhanger, airing Sunday and March 14, Hannah starts to miss her old life in Tennessee and her horse Blue Jeans. Best friend Oliver (Mitchel Musso) gets an offer to go on a six-month concert tour, but his elation is subdued by the news that BFF Lilly (Emily Osment) might be moving to Atlanta after all. And, Miley's brother Jackson (Jason Earles) moves into his own apartment.

When the show returns this summer, it will be set in a new location. Miley Stewart, along with father Robby (played by her real-life dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus) and brother Jackson, will be saying goodbye to their beachfront home and moving to a ranch. Reports are that the series will add numerous new characters for Miley's swan-song season.

Source: TMCnet
Miley Cyrus says working with Liam Hemsworth was 'fun'
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus loved working with new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth on 'The Last Song'.

The 17-year-old singer-and-actress - who is in a relationship with the Australian star - says it was fantastic to be able to share the movie making experience with someone you care about.

She said: "Working with Liam was a lot of fun because this is something new for both of us. It's cool being able to share that with somebody."

Miley is glad she took the role as rebellious teen Ronnie Miller because it was a chance to get away from the 'Hannah Montana' character that catapulted her to fame. ... Read More ...
More Hannah Montana Caps Updates
-Posted by: Quivi

One more Hannah Montana episode caps added to our archive, n of course Emily's looking lovely and funny in each n every cap so be sure to check them out HERE

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