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Oct 6th, 2009 ~ Auburn Hills, MI
Oct 7th ~ Columbus, OH
Oct 9th ~ Des Moines, IA
Oct 10th ~ Milwaukee, WI
Oct 12th ~ Tulsa, OK
Oct 15th ~ San Antonio, TX
Oct 18th ~ Dallas, TX
Oct 20th ~ New Orleans, LA
More Dates

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Noah and Kacy Dance to Miley!
-Posted by: Nancy

Check out this super cute video of Noah and Kacy dancing to some of Miley's songs! It's pretty cool! =D Enjoy!

New Tour Promos!
-Posted by: Nancy

Miley added some new promo pics for her tour to her website and we're adding them here! Check out these simply GORGEOUS pics and enjoy!! =D

Miley Shopping in Chile!
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added adorable pics of Miley shopping with her mom and friends in Chile! Enjoy!! =D

Popstar Awards
-Posted by: Nancy

Vote for Miley HERE for these following awards:

Movie Actress
Female Singer
Music Video
TV Actress
Female Beauty
Female Style Idol

Voting Ends May 9th! SO VOTE TODAY and vote often!
New Gypsy Heart Tour Pic!
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added a new GORGEOUS photo of Miley for her Gypsy Heart Tour! Enjoy! =D

Lima: Another Day in Paradise!
-Posted by: Nancy

Check out this awesome video from Miley's tour! Enjoy! =D

Yes, Miley Cyrus is allowed to play Nirvana covers
-Posted by: Nancy

Via Matt Yglesias, a reminder that Kurt Cobain's catalog surving into Miley Curus' demographic is probably a good thing for music --

Miley Cyrus was 18 months old when Cobain died and many of her fans are even younger than she is. Yet here she is playing Cobain�s song to an audience in Ecuador. That, to me, is how you take art seriously�by celebrating it, and taking joy in the idea of a growing set of people experiencing it.


Let's all remember that as potent and singular as Nirvana's music is, Kurt Cobain purportedly killed himself out of his terrible mental illness and addiction, not because he couldn't bear pop music's philistines missing the point. His catalog is open to anyone to explore it and be moved by it, and that includes tween Ecuadorians and late-adolescent pop stars. A kid ditching her "Hannah Montana" soundtracks for "Nevermind" should be applauded for it, and if that kid is Miley Cyrus, then she should be applauded too.

Source: LA Times
Video: Backstage in Peru!
-Posted by: Nancy

Check out this video of Miley backstage at her concert in Peru! Plus, Miley was named in Maxim's Hot 100 at 66! Go Miley! :D

Lima Pics
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added some awesome pics of Miley rocking out in Lima last night!! ENJOY!! Remember you can donate pics at mctmileycyrustribute@gmail.com

Lima Soundcheck
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added some adorable pics of Miley during soundcheck in Lima tonight! Tonight is her second stop on the tour! Remember, if you'd like to donate tour pics or videos, email us at mctmileycyrustribute@gmail.com

More Tour Pics!
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added even more pics from Miley's tour! We've added rehearsal pics, backstage from Quito pic, and more HQ pics of her performance in Quito! ENJOY! =D

Miley Kicks off Her Gypsy Heart TOUR!!!
-Posted by: Nancy

Miley kicked off her Gypsy Heart Tour last night!! We've got HQ pics from her show last night and will be adding more soon! Remember, YOU can donate pics and videos to this website and we'll post them here! =D Email us at mctmileycyrustribute@gmail.com!

Gypsy Heart Tour Starts TONIGHT!!
-Posted by: Nancy

Miley's new tour starts TONIGHT! You can watch it HERE! We've also added HQ and NEW tour promos and will be adding new pics from her concert tonight as soon as we get them! Stay tuned for a new forum skin as well! IF you see Miley in person, how about donating pics and videos to us? We'd love to share them here! THANKS!

Miley Cyrus: Ecuador Concert Tomorrow!
-Posted by: Nancy

Miley Cyrus and her mom Tish spend some quality mother-daughter time with each other on Thursday (April 28) in Quito, Ecuador.

�Miley and I hanging out in our room in Ecuador,� Tish write on her Facebook page. �The view from our room is amazing!!!�

She wrote earlier today, �In Ecuador with Miley for her first concert in South America!!! So exciting! We had a great time today exploring the city!�

Tomorrow night, Miley will be performing at the Estadio Ol�mpico Atahualpa in Quito.

�Wow wow wow,� tweeted Miley, who is also pictured at a press conference below. �I can�t even explain the madness @ the airport!!!! I�ve never experienced so much chaos!!! #ilovequito�

Source: Just Jared Jr.
Gypsy Hear Tour Dates!
-Posted by: Nancy

Miley has a new internation tour coming up and here's all of her tour dates! ATTENTION FANS! If you see Miley on tour, please donate some pics and videos of her!

4/29/11 Quito, Ecuador
5/1/11 Lima, Peru
5/4/11 Santiago, Chile
5/6/11 Buenos Aires, Argentina
5/10/11 Asuncion, Paraguay
5/13/11 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5/14/11 Sao Paulo, Brazil

5/17/11 Caracas, Venezuela
5/19/11 Bogota, Colombia
5/21/11 San Jose, Costa Rica
5/24/11 Panama City, Panama
5/26/11 Mexico City, Mexico
6/17/11 Manila, Philippines
6/21/11 Brisbane, Australia
6/23/11 Melbourne, Australia
6/24/11 Melbourne, Australia
6/26/11 Sydney, Australia
6/27/11 Sydney, Australia
6/29/11 Adelaide, Australia
7/2/11 Perth, Australia

More dates to be announced

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