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Emily Osment: It's The End of Jake Ryan!
-Posted by: Nancy

Emily Osment gives Cody Linley�s cheeks a little squeeze in this new still from Hannah Montana.

In the upcoming episode �It�s The End of The Jake As We Know It,� Oliver (Mitchel Musso) returns to visit Miley and Lilly, but also reveals to Miley that Jake is two-timing her � just as Miley is scheduled to film a Hannah Holiday Special with Jake and sing a duet with Sheryl Crow.

Meanwhile, Jackson (Jason Earles), dresses up as Rico�s father in order to help Rico (Moises Arias) convince Al Blaine (Robert Constanzo) to sell him the pier

�It�s The End of The Jake As We Know It� premieres THIS Sunday, August 8 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Source: Just Jared Jr.
Miley Cyrus On Choosing The 'Right' Scripts For 'Someone Who Is 18'
-Posted by: Nancy

She's wrapping up "Hannah Montana," declared she "can't be tamed" and now Miley Cyrus is ready to be seen in more adult fare with her next flick, "LOL." And in a new interview with Popstar!, Miley make it clear that everyone should know that she isn't a kid anymore.

"The next film I�m doing is not for the ['Hannah Montana'] audience. But that is why I did the last season, for my young fans," she said the grand finale of her hit Disney show. "I want the fans that have grown up with me from 16-26 who will respond to older material. I have to choose scripts that are right for someone who is 18 because that is me."

So then what should fans expect from her and Demi Moore in "LOL?" "It�s very different going from a show with a huge audience and fan base to something... independent. But I�m excited to work on a film that is going to touch people," she said about the flick. "It�s edgy and different and I don�t know how the fans will react, but it�s something I can relate to."

After "LOL," Miley has some other plans: to get her own place. "I�m probably going to move into my place after 'LOL,' " she teased. "But I have to get some work done first."

We wonder if that work is convincing Billy Ray to let her move out! - MTV

Miley Cyrus Talks Role Model Status
-Posted by: Nancy

Miley Cyrus still aspires to be an example to her younger female fans.

The �Can�t Be Tamed� songstress recently told press that she hopes girls still look up to her as she becomes more mature.

�I want to be a role model and have people look up to me, but this also doesn�t mean that I am not going to live the way that I want to live. I�m going to grow up at some point, and I�ve been always honest about that.�

As for her schooling, Cyrus says she�s done for now.
�My sister went to college for two years and then decided she wants to be a musician and now she is a musician. I just already know what I want to do and if there is ever a time where I want to go back, I can. I learned that from my grandma. She went to college at 67 and graduated at 70 and was a teacher from then. She�s 77 now, so you can go whenever you want.�
Miley Cyrus: �Hannah Montana is a Security Blanket�
-Posted by: Nancy

MILEY Cyrus admits she�ll miss the stability of having Hannah Montana in her life.

The actress � who shot to fame in the smash hit Disney show � says the series has been like a �security blanket� and she�ll miss it when it wraps and the end of its fourth season.

�Probably just the security blanket,� Cyrus said. �When I go on tour, when I go shoot a film, or whatever I�m doing, I always get to go back to that same rhythm that I know so well, and the same people, and know it�s going to be a comfortable place and a good environment. That�s not the same on every set.

�It�s nice coming back to a set where you have people that you could be yourself around, before any of this craziness happened, before my records, before my movies.

�It sounds weird, but Hannah Montana seems almost like going to school, and I�ll miss that.�

Cyrus, 17, recently insisted she has �changed a lot� since the start of Montana.

�I think I�ve definitely changed a lot. When I came to the set, I had my mom,� she said last month.

�She was my assistant, make-up artist, hair stylist and wardrobe person, all at the same time. My mom had me in this t-shirt that she had got for me that says: �I should have my own TV show.�

�I had it on with my skirt and full face make-up. I was just sitting there like: �Oh my God, I�m on a Disney set. My life is like about to change.�

�Sure enough, it did. I just remember coming to work with full face make-up, and now we�re all in our pajamas when we come to work.

�I�m definitely a lot more comfortable with myself and I don�t need to feel like I need to get dressed up every day. This is just like a home to us.�

Source: Showbiz Spy
Be in Emily's New Music Video!
-Posted by: Nancy

Do you want to be in Emily Osment's next music video?

Then enter to be a potential extra in her video for the song "Let's Be Friends"!

Simply submit via email your name, age and a photo of yourself PLUS your availability in the Los Angeles area on July 29th (no transportation provided, must be available in Los Angeles this Thursday, July 29th, 2010). Please also email your preferred email address and telephone number.

Send your submissions via email to: losangelescast@gmail.com

If you are chosen, you will notified via the email address and the telephone number that you submit (so double check and make sure this information is correct before you hit "send"!)

Good Luck!

Emily Osment Online

LOL on the Set
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added a new on the set pic of Miley! Enjoy!

HM Season Four UPDATE!
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added LOTS of promos, on set pics, and more for HM season four! We'll be adding even more soon so stay tuned! In the meantime enjoy! =D

Episode Stills

On the Set


Two new On Set Pics!
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added two new on set pics of Miley on the set of LOL. Stay tuned for more updates!

Pair of Kings Stills!
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added stills from Mitchel's new series Pair of Kings!! It looks so amazing! We can't wait! Enjoy!! :D

Let's Be Friends Cover
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added the cover of Emily's single Let's Be Friends. Enjoy!

Taste of Chicago
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added pics of Emily perfoming at the Taste of Chicago! Enjoy!

On the Set of LOL
-Posted by: Nancy

We've added a pic of Miley on the set of her new movie LOL: Laughing Out Loud! Enjoy!

Miley Cyrus Talks Poison and Cages
-Posted by: Nancy

In today's Daily Noise, brought to you by Fuse and Billboard.com, we give you a special interview with Miley Cyrus, whose third album, "Can't Be Tamed," was released June 18. Cyrus talks about what inspired the caged-bird theme of the title track's video, and where she shops for feathers. She also discusses covering Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" for her mom, and what she wanted to do with the song.

A new Emily Osment takes on the Quick Chek balloon fest
-Posted by: Nancy

The 18-year old co-star of the Disney smash "Hannah Montana'' is facing the moment when she transitions away from being a child star to a young adult performer.

It's a move fraught with danger for a burgeoning career, as Disney stars such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Osment's recent co-star, Miley Cyrus, already know.

Osment seems ready for it.

"It's not as hard as you think, when you have this idea of what type of music you want to play,'' said Osment, who performs on Saturday at the Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning at the Solberg Airport in Readington. "I'm not trying to have this image of the Disney girl-turned-whatever. It's music that I love, and I'm playing music that I love. It's music that I want to make, and I'm not trying to make anybody happy but me and my fans. That's what's important to me. I'm not trying to be anybody I'm not, because that's how you lose it.''

To this point, Osment's musical output has been largely pop-oriented alt-rock. A new track, "Let's Be Friends,'' from her upcoming album, due in the fall, sees the musician delving into an electro-rock vibe. ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus Karaoke Contest!
-Posted by: Nancy

Music superstar Miley Cyrus has launched her new singing contest on the website MySpace Karaoke and is giving YOU a chance to meet her backstage at her concert!

How Do You Enter? Click HERE to go to the website MySpace Karaoke where you can then choose your favorite Miley Cyrus song to perform. Choose from three of her hit songs to sing. When the contest ends on July 27, Miley will go through the talented recording entries and may choose you to join her backstage at her concert so show her your best singing and dancing skills on your recording entry!

Share this invite with everyone you know! The contest runs from July 13 - 27 so hurry and enter now! Once you perform your song share it with all of your friends so your recording can receive the 100 Plays needed to be eligible for Miley Cyrus to judge your entry. We look forward to seeing you there!

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