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Miley Pics Update
-Posted by: Quivi

We're adding more pics to our galleries: brand new set and additions to some great ones. Make sure you check out every single one clicking each link: enjoooy!

Disney Channel France Event
Doing Promotion in Rosemont
Six Flags with the Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers The Roxy Concert
Ashley Tisdale Headstrong Party
Disney All Star Party 2007
Hannah Montana Soundtrack Platinumx3 Party
JoJo Wright's Radio Show
KIISFM Radio with Ryan Seacrest
With Mandy

Emily Osment and Mitchell Musso's new song
-Posted by: Hotncleverchik

Emily Osment and Mitchell Musso recently recorded a duet together called "If I Didn't Have You." It's been leaked onto the internet, and you can listen to it here.

What do you think? Leave a comment!
Emily's new movie �Dadnapped�
-Posted by: Hotncleverchik

Emily Osment is in an upcoming DCOM with Hannah Montana co-star, Jason Earles. Here's the plot: �Dadnapped� is a story of Melissa, a girl who�s left frustrated that her father, a best-selling author, is totally preoccupied with the hero of his spy novels, Tripp Zoome, and the fan activities surrounding the character. During a long overdue father-daughter vacation, her dad goes missing, and now it�s up to Melissa to muster the courage and know-how to find him� which suddenly puts her in the midst of her own adventurous plot ... Read More ...
Mitchel's in the DC Games!
-Posted by: Lauren

Mitchel has confirmed that he's in the Disney Channel Games for 2008. However, he says he doesnt know what team he is on, just that he's there. ... Read More ...
More New Graphics!
-Posted by: Quivi

We added even more great graphics for you! Take your pick and enjoy: CLICK HERE to see them all!

Miley Cyrus decides 'Vanity Fair' photos are embarrassing, not 'artsy'
-Posted by: Quivi

USA Today reports, Miley Cyrus fans will get to see a different side of the pop sensation in June's Vanity Fair, and it's a side she apparently has second thoughts about revealing.

The 15-year-old actress/singer posed for celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz for the issue, on sale in New York and Los Angeles on Wednesday and nationwide May 6. One waist-up shot shows Cyrus looking provocatively over her right shoulder, her back nude and breasts covered by her arms and shimmery fabric.

In a caption with the image, Disney's Hannah Montana star tells VF: "I think it's really artsy. It wasn't in a skanky way. Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought that was really cool. That's what she wanted me to do, and you can't say no to Annie. She's so cute. She gets this puppy-dog look and you're like, 'OK.' "

But on Sunday, Cyrus apparently had a change of heart. "I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic' and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed," she said in a statement issued by her publicist, Jill Fritzo. "I never intended for any of this to happen, and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about."

Disney Channel also took the offensive by issuing a statement. "Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines." ... Read More ...
'Hannah Montana' cast member Mitchel Musso to visit Kissimmee Lakefront
-Posted by: Quivi

Even though it isn't fictional pop sensation Hannah Montana, the next best thing is coming to Kissimmee. At the annual Education in the Park, actor Mitchel Musso of the hit television show Hannah Montana will perform Saturday at the Kissimmee Lakefront.

Musso, who plays Oliver on the show, will perform twice during the event, which typically draws about 18,000 people to the lakefront. Kids also will have a chance to meet the actor, who is working on his first album.

"Our Osceola students have worked tremendously hard this school year, and it is wonderful to bring this type of reward to them," said Dana Schafer, spokeswoman for the Osceola County school district.

Between Musso's two shows, students will perform in Radio Disney AM 990's Kids' Talent Showcase. On a second stage on the west side of the park, entertainment groups from schools will give choral, instrumental and dance performances. ... Read More ...
Emily Osment reviews her favorite book!
-Posted by: Quivi

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is one of my all-time-favorite books. It is a fictional adventure that takes the reader into a world of vampires, forbidden love, and a place where Bella, the main character, must make the tough decision between life without love and life without danger. From the first chapter, Meyer grabbed my attention and kept me enthralled throughout the entire book. The characters contrast so greatly, I found myself wondering how she pieced them so seamlessly.

Bella and Edward are the core characters of the book. Bella is the klutzy, unoriginal, and fearless contender for Edward's heart. Edward attends Bella's school like any other normal teenager. He is the astonishingly attractive, timeless figure in Bella's life, who just so happens to be a vampire. However, he is not your typical bloodsucking vampire. He and his family are civilized and live in secret wherever they go. I felt so connected to these characters, and often would look up from the book half expecting to see them standing in front of me.

Currently, there are three books in the Twilight series found on the shelves. The fourth book is still being written. Purchase Twilight, but be prepared to buy the next two books because the story does not end. I am having the hardest time waiting for the fourth book to come out. Before Twilight is made into a movie, read the book. I am a great believer in book first, movie second. Enjoy Twilight, and remember, be careful with whom you fall in love. -Emily Osment
Mitchel On Disney Games
-Posted by: Quivi

Mitchel has updated his blogspot @ mitchels-blog.blogspot.com:

I will be at the DC Games. I was very lucky that Disney has done everything they can to get me there! I am very excited to go and represent my team.

By the way, the teams don't know who they are until we get there so if anyone is posting teams and colors....they are just guessing.

And, I will be doing my Brand New Concert! I will let you know when and where as the dates come in. Right now, we start as early as the end of May. More details to come as soon as I can share!

Hannah Montana Upcoming Episodes
-Posted by: Quivi

There's still lots more of Hannah Montana season 2 to come, and it's right around the corner! This May 4th a new episode will premiere in Disney Channel (USA), called "The Way We Almost Weren't".

Plot: Robbie takes Miley and Jackson to a cafe that has special meaning to him, but they don't share his love for reminiscing. They later learn that's where their parents first met. Meanwhile, Oliver and Lilly find themselves in a sticky situation.

Plus it's Montana May in Disney UK and they will feature 5 brand new episodes! It will the one mentioned above and recently US-released "We're So Sorry (Uncle Earl)" plus: "We're All on This Date Together" and the "The Test Of My Love".

Other upcoming HM episodes without premiere date yet are: "No Sugar, Sugar", "You Didn't Say It Was Your Birthday", "Joannie B. Goode" and "Yet Another Side of Me". We so can't wait!! laughing
Miley has a Dishwasher disaster
-Posted by: Violet

Miley Cyrus nearly ruined her house when she first tried to use the dishwasher.

The 'Hannah Montana' star says her father - country singer Billy Ray Cyrus - wanted her to do more housework, but came to regret his decision when he saw the damage she had caused.

She said: "I've just learnt how to use the dishwasher which was a new rule in our house. It was like a movie the first time I used it though - it all went a bit wrong. Bubbles started pouring out and I stood there thinking, 'Maybe I'm not supposed to pour the soap all over the stuff?'

"Then I found the container I was meant to fill - it was tiny compared to the amount of soap I'd poured in - I got in so much trouble!" ... Read More ...
Disney star Brenda Song defends Miley Cyrus over internet photos
-Posted by: Quivi

TEEN starlets have thrown their support behind Miley Cyrus, after she was criticised for posing in saucy photos which were leaked on to the internet.

People.com reports Cyrus already has the support of the Jonas Brothers after several personal photos of the star leaked online.

She's also getting encouragement from someone else who knows what it's like to be in the spotlight, fellow Disney Star Brenda Song.

"Miley is probably the most charismatic and strong 15-year-old I know," Brenda Song, 20, of Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, told PEOPLE at the 2008 JCPenney Asian Excellence Awards in Los Angeles. ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus to write her memoirs
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus, author.

The multi-hyphenate teen star has signed a book deal to tell the story of her young life, it was announced Tuesday. The memoir by Cyrus, who stars in the Disney Channel series ``Hannah Montana,'' is planned for release next spring.

Disney said the book will focus particularly on the guidance of Cyrus' mother, Leticia.

``I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me,'' the 15-year-old singer-actress said in a statement. ``I hope to motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together and inspire kids around the world to live their dreams.'' ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus To Be Worth $1B By Year's End
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus is already way richer than her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and she's only 15.

People magazine reported that the Miley Cyrus franchise will be worth a projected $1 billion by the end of the year.

The "Hannah Montana" star tops the magazine's list of the richest teen celebrities.

The singer isn't seeing much of the money. Her mom said most is invested and her daughter can't touch it until she's 18. ... Read More ...
New News
-Posted by: Bob

We're switching news programs, so our new news will start to appear above this post. To view old news though, please Click Here.

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