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Miley @ The Perfect Parrot
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley and her family went parrot shopping last weekend, at the LA pet shop The Perfect Parrot. Go check out the PHOTOS HERE and enjoy!

They later headed to a Burbank airport and boarded a private jet. Check out the PHOTOS HERE

Miley's Upcoming Album BREAKOUT Available For Pre-Order
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley's upcoming album "Breakout" is available for PRE-ORDER now!! The CD will hit stores on July 22nd, but you can already order your copy to support Miley and be totally sure that you'll get it as soon as it's out laughing laughing laughing

What are you waiting for? Go check it out and PRE-ORDER Miley's "Breakout" album TODAY

Plus we added a brand new HQ promo pic of Breakout!! Go check it out: PHOTO HERE
-Posted by: Hotncleverchik

I've now added an October 2008 Emily Osment calendar for you guys, so check it out HERE
If you guys need any adjustments made to it, just let us know on the comments n we'll personalize it for you! N please feel free to post them anywhere else, but always credit us (site and maker). Thank you guys & Enjoy!

Also, feel free to check out our previous calendars!

May 2008 June 2008 July 2008 July 2008 October 2008

Bedding Collection
-Posted by: Quivi

We're adding even more Hannah Montana products to our
store. Now you can see a totally complete Home section which everything from dinner sets to chairs to choose from!

We created a new sub-section for
Bedding featuring sheets sets, quitls, super cute pillows and many more cool stuff. You'll sure want it all, but it's soo it's hard to see the big picture of how things would look together. So we created a brand new original section, matching the bedding and room decor by style!

Make sure you go check it out and get inspired to give your room a whole new look laughing


Plus check out all updates in Home, Bedding and general Store sections. Enjoy
Miley Breaks Out of Her Hannah Montana Shell
-Posted by: Quivi

Even with her eyes closed, Miley Cyrus is staring into her future.

Gripping the biggest microphone we've ever seen, the 15-year-old appears to be demonstrating on the cover of her upcoming album, Breakout�her first solo effort to bear no trace of Hannah Montana (minus all the Disney-related promos)�that she's ready to rock, albeit demurely and in that looking-down-for-love-of-the-music way. ... Read More ...
New: Bath Collection Online Store!
-Posted by: Quivi

Target has launched a new bath line of Hannah Montana with super cute must-have products! We added them over the Online Store section, along with some more bath related products (from towels to toothbrushes) so you can easily find everything Hannah Montana and make it yours! Enjoy laughing

Hannah Montana Bath Collection Online Store HERE

Plus we also updated Stats and Facts and added lots more cool products over the Online Store too. Make sure you check out the Personal Care store for Hannah Montana colognes to lip balms, and go to Miley's Favourite Stuff for even more of the things she loves and you can start lovin too!
David Cook Bests Miley Cyrus for Billboard Record
-Posted by: Quivi

American Idol, and Kansas City's own, David Cook is better than Miley Cyrus. At least, that's according to their Billboard Hot 100 debuts.

According to Billboard.com, Cook's debut of entries into the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Digital Songs sets a record previously held by Hannah Montana herself, or Miley Cyrus.

Cook has 11 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 and 14 songs on the Hot Digital Songs lists. His takeover of the charts includes the number three slot for "The Time of My Life" on the Hot 100 list and the same song takes the number one spot on the downloads list with 236,000 downloads.

Cyrus' previously held record debut was in November 2006 when she placed six songs on the list. Cook's 11 songs on the Hot 100 chart are the most in a week by any artist in the Nielsen Music era which started in December 1991, according to Billboard.com. ... Read More ...
Paparazzi have their lenses on Miley Cyrus
-Posted by: Quivi

How much is Miley Cyrus� first kiss worth?

Anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000, depending on which paparazzo you ask. A photo's price could be higher if her designated love object happened to be camera-worthy like a Jonas brother, or Shia LaBeouf, not just some cute Kevin Federline-esque wannabe.

Yes, the paps have discovered the "Hannah Montana" star, forming a scrum of ferocious men-dogs who camp outside her North Hollywood home. They follow ... Read More ...
Cyrus: 'Miley Is Too Upbeat To Stay Down For Long'
-Posted by: Quivi

Country star Billy Ray Cyrus insists his teenage daughter Miley will bounce back from her recent photo scandals - because she's such a positive person. The 15-year-old hit the headlines at the beginning of May when revealing shots of her posing for Vanity Fair first appeared. The controversy came hot on the heels of a similar online scandal, when she appeared in provocative underwear shots.

Outrage from family groups and parents prompted Cyrus to apologise for the snapshots. But, despite reports the Hanna Montana star is hurt after taking a series of hits in May, her proud dad insists she won't let all the criticism get her down.

He says, "The thing you got to look at in life, whether you're an entertainer or whether you're a farmer... whatever you do in life, there's going to be peaks and valleys. I think one ... Read More ...
Emily Scans Update!
-Posted by: hannah#1

We added a bunch of Emily Osment Magazine Scans! Check them out and remember to comment!

Bop- June/July 2008..

Tiger Beat - June 2008..

J-14- May/June 2008..

thanks to destinydreamer and me (Hannah#1) for scans!

Miley Pal: Vanity Fair Controversy "Hurt Her Inside"
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus may have lived most of her young life in the spotlight, but that doesn't mean the negative press doesn't get to her from time to time.

So says her pal Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, who plays Ashley Dewitt on Hannah Montana.

"Sometimes I'll talk to her on the phone and she'll be like, 'It's really hard' or 'I'm really tired. I can't do this,' " Perez de Tagle said at last night's Declare Yourself and American Eagle party for a new line of celebrity-designed "Vote" T-shirts at Palihouse in West Hollywood. "But I'll always say, 'You do want to do this. You love your job.' And she's like, 'Yeah.' "
... Read More ...
-Posted by: Quivi

Teen sensation MILEY CYRUS has been caught up in a fresh photo scandal after saucy shots of a girl, who resembles her, stripping have appeared online.
The snaps are similar to those which appeared on website MySpace.com last month (Apr08), and come just weeks after the 15 year old was forced to defend her decision to pose topless in a bedsheet for a Vanity Fair shoot.
In the new pictures, a girl bearing an uncanny likeness to Cyrus holds a t-shirt up with her teeth, showing a bare stomach and red panties.

According to blog Oceanup.com the snapshots were emailed to pop star Nick Jonas when the pair dated last year (07). ... Read More ...
New Miley & Mandy Show Episode!
-Posted by: Quivi

M & M have posted a brand new video! Finally, finally! N they're taking their onlince dance battle with Step Up 2 to a whole new level, announcing the exact moment their fight-back video will be posted: 10th June at 7pm PST.

Make sure you go check out the new video @ youtube.com/mileymandy

We added lots of CAPS HERE

Lots more on The Miley & Mandy Show check out our original section HERE
Dad praises 'strong' Miley Cyrus
-Posted by: Quivi

DigitalSpy.co.uk reports, singer Billy Ray Cyrus has praised daughter Miley for her strength following the recent Vanity Fair photo scandal. The 15-year-old sparked outrage last month when she posed for the magazine wrapped in only a blanket.

Billy Ray told OK!: �I can't imagine being her age and going through what she went through. I�m amazed she kept on.�

He admitted that he was concerned that the media frenzy would be too much for Miley to handle, saying: "I know the business can eat you alive, but I�m a calloused old veteran, and she�s a young, teenage girl. It�s a heck of a storm to survive even with maturity."
More Pics...
-Posted by: Quivi

We added even more candids of Miley filming The Hannah Montana Movie and more from the Zootopia Concert. Click the links and check them out!!

Filming Hannah Montana #1
Filming Hannah Montana #2
Z100 Zootopia Concert

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