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Miley Cyrus excited to maybe tour with Coldplay
-Posted by: deannadynamite94

Miley Cyrus was excited to hear she MIGHT be touring with Coldplay. (no dates for her tour yet.) She has a crush on the kead singer of the band Chris Martin.

Chris Martin said "Anyone we like or respect, no matter how different they may be, we would play with. She's doing something quite different. I just think she seems to have a sweet character." ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus Calls Vanity Fair Photos "a Mistake"
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus is continuing to speak out about her infamous Vanity Fair photos. She called the shots "a mistake" during an interview on ABC's Good Morning America.

"I think I was just in a stage where I was just trying to get things done, and maybe look for an older audience," the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star said. "I was working with a big magazine just trying to go with what they were saying."

She described the criticism she received after the issue (which reportedly sold an impressive 435,000 newsstand copies) as a "hard time," adding that she now "knows what it's like to have people talk about you like you're kind of iron. ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus Good Morning America Interview HD + more
-Posted by: Mikey

This morning the interview of Miley Cyrus: Up Close With Miley has aired on Good Morning America and thanks to Bob we have it in HD (High-Def) for you to download here. She talks about having some stage-fright, the Vanity Fair situation and also her two new movies "Bolt" and "Hannah Montana the Movie".

Plus we added caps of the interview here & some older caps too here
Miley Cyrus on E! News
-Posted by: Mikey

Yesterday, to promote her Breakout album Miley had a little chit-chat with E!s correspondent Jason Kennedy about Rumors, the "Miley-Mania" and her Breakout record that is officially released today! DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE.
Breakout In Stores Now!
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley's "Breakout" hits stores TODAY! So run get your copy!!
Can't wait one more second? Pre-order your fav songs on MP3 download and get them right away here.

Click PLAY bellow to preview the songs now laughing

Read on for a Review by the Houston Chronicles: Breakout is being billed as Miley Cyrus' big-girl record, her declaration of teen independence.

Earlier this year, Cyrus described the disc as a "techno-rock" blend of the Killers and Melissa Etheridge-inspired vocals. That's a long way from blonde wigs and girl-power sentiments. ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus interview on TRL!
-Posted by: Mikey

The Miley Cyrus interview aired today on MTV's Total Request Live! If you missed it or want to see it again download it here. laughing
Miley Cyrus: "I Don�t Think There Could Be a 'Next Miley'"
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley doesn't think so.

Following her controversial Vanity Fair cover, some pegged Disney singers Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato as two wholesome girls who could fill the teen queen's shoes. But the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star tells Extra, "I don�t think there could be a next Miley. I think they should be the next Selena, the next Demi ... [and] make their own way.�

She says she takes it as a compliment that "people are looking up to what I do." Still, she says she'll always have to deal with media attention. "Instead of putting negativity to it," Cyrus says, "I'm taking the opportunity to make it a positive thing.� ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus overshadows Hannah with new album
-Posted by: Quivi

Hannah Montana may be the most potent phenomenon in Hollywood right now � bigger than Batman, bigger than Brangelina. Yet these days, the girl who truly fascinates is not Hannah, but Miley Cyrus.

The 15-year-old face of the billion-dollar Disney franchise is no longer a star for just the tween set: She's intriguing people who turn the pages of Seventeen magazine, as well as Us Weekly and Vanity Fair (more on THAT later). While "Hannah" is still very much a part of Miley, it does not solely define the singer/actress.

Nowhere is that clearer than with the release of Miley's latest album, "Breakout," which comes out Tuesday. While Miley has already sold millions of albums, it's always been with the "Hannah Montana" moniker attached (2006's "Hannah Montana" and 2007's "Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus").

But there's no blonde wig to be found on the cover of this CD. Instead, there's a more mature sound that's already finding an older audience. The CD's first single, the rocker "7 Things," is now No. 9 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart) and marks her biggest success in translating her music beyond the Radio Disney audience.

"To be played on these radio stations is awesome, to be able to rock out to it in your car without planning it, without it being just a kids channel," says Miley, who with her deep voice and self-assured manner seems a decade older that 15. ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus Wants to Grow Right Along With You
-Posted by: Quivi

Attention, all Hannah Montana fans. Miley Cyrus is not abandoning you. As the tween world anxiously awaits the Tuesday arrival of her new album, the singer is making it clear why her new collection is completely free of her alter ego.

"I wanted to show that I am a true artist," she tells E! News' Jason Kennedy. "And the reason I titled it Breakout was because, as the age demographic grows, because as I grow, they grow. I want to embrace the older audience, and I feel like this is a good breakout way of doing that."

Personally, we don't really consider a group that still proudly measures age by halves and three-quarters to be "older," but we kinda see where our girl's going. For more on Miley's exclusive interview, tune in to E! News tonight @ 7.
-Posted by: Quivi

HANNAH MONTANA star MILEY CYRUS has launched a new charity in honour of her late grandfather - and is auctioning off a date with her to kickstart the fundraising.

The Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation is named after Cyrus' paternal grandfather Ron, who died in 2006, and aims to help deprived children across the U.S. by providing improved health care, education and community support.
And Cyrus has taken the first step to raise money for the organisation by giving fans the chance to accompany her to the premiere of her forthcoming film Bolt.

She is also auctioning off several items of clothing from her personal wardrobe.
The sale will begin on internet site eBay on Tuesday (22Jul08) night with bidding closing on 29 July (08), according to Foxnews.com.
Miley Cyrus rumours cleared
-Posted by: Hotncleverchik

Hey guys, Popstar! Magazine interviewed Miley Cyrus on Sunday, and she cleared up a few rumours...

"When we were going to meet with Miley, we just knew our readers would have good question suggestions, so we asked. The top two questions were:
"Is '7 Things' about Nick Jonas?" and "Is she dating Lucas Till, her Hannah Montana: The Movie co-star?"

Miley answered both, and here is what she had to say about "7 Things":
"[With '7 Things,' I think a lot of people do, you know, think it�s about Nick Jonas, and if they think it is, that�s fine, or whoever they think it�s about. But mostly that song is about who, um, they want it to be to. Like mostly, it�s if a girl hates her current, or ex-boyfriend�for me it�s an ex-boyfriend�so I think, you know, like, Nick is someone that was really important in my life, but I don�t hate him. It�s a good song and it�s fun." ... Read More ...
Bolt Trailer + Miley Music and More videos + TRL News!
-Posted by: Mikey

Today there has been a new "Miley, Music and More" video airing and we have it, click here to download that. Also we have the trailer of Miley's new movie "Bolt" that's been airing on Disney Channel aswell, you can download that here. Enjoy! And don't forget, tomorrow on TRL a interview with Miley Cyrus and also she is Co-hosting TRL July 23rd and 24th! Be sure to watch and come back here for downloads. wink
Coldplay Concert
-Posted by: Quivi

We added some candids of Emily out and about last week leaving a Coldplay concert with Miley Cyrus. Go check ou tthe PHOTOS HERE
Pics Pics Pics
-Posted by: Quivi

We added 70+ pics of Miley filming a segment for MTV's TRL in New York City last Friday plus more Breakout promos, candids and ads to some cute sets: enjoy!

Filming MTV TRL
Outside TRL Studios
Outside GMA Studios
Leaving Coldplay Concert
Breakout promos
Concert Backstage
Filming 7 Things Music Video
Rosemont Press
Disneyland Paris Anniversary
Disney Channel France Party

Pics & News Updates!
-Posted by: Quivi

We added more pics of Miley performing live at Bryant Park last Friday, she looked so gorgeous & thanksfully there was so much press there's TONS of photos. See Miley performing and goofing off on stage in between songs: 700+ PHOTOS HERE

Plus check back for HDTV quality caps of all the performances & make sure you check out the videos here

Did you know? "7 Things" is nominated on the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Female!!! Big congrats to Miley, make sure you VOTE for Miley here

Miley's promoting the release of Breakout so she'll be doing a lot of tv promo. Check out the dates n watch it all - of course, check back here for all the videos too wink

Good Morning America - 22nd July
MTV TRL - 23rd July and 24th July
Studio DC:Almost Live - 3rd August at 8/7c (changed from 19th July)

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