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DC Studio Live Commercial!
-Posted by: Mikey

There has been a commercial airing of DC Studio: Almost Live and we have got it on the forum for you to download! laughing Click here to download now.
Miley Appears on Today Show HDTV
-Posted by: Bob

Miley was on the Today Show this morning where she performed some songs from her new album (Breakout) and was even interviewed backstage before the concert, she talks about what inspires her and more. Be sure to check out our high quality, hd captured video of her appearance HeRe.

We added lots of CAPS HERE + make sure you keep checking back for more!
Miley Cyrus Helps Kick off "BOLT ACROSS AMERICA" Adventure
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus was on hand today to help launch BOLT ACROSS AMERICA, a fundraising adventure inspired by Walt Disney Pictures' upcoming film "BOLT." Cyrus, who provides the voice of Penny in the film, revealed details about the cross-country journey four "Bolters" are about to tackle in an effort to raise money for the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(R)), the nation's leading animal welfare organization.

"In the movie, my character's dog BOLT befriends a little hamster who gets around in a ball - so we've recruited four BOLTERS to make like hamsters and roll through cities coast to coast in a giant hamster ball to raise money for the ASPCA," Cyrus said. "I have always been an animal lover and I am a huge believer in what the ASPCA does to help make a difference for animals in need." ... Read More ...
-Posted by: Quivi

Teen singing sensation MILEY CYRUS is already suffering memory loss at 15 - she keeps forgetting the lyrics to her songs.

The Hannah Montana star has barely started out in the music industry, but admits she may soon need a teleprompter to help her get through concerts.

Cyrus says, "It really is embarrassing when you forget the words to your own songs. The other day I forgot the words to See You Again. That song plays 24/7. That's kind of bad."
-Posted by: Quivi

Teen superstar MILEY CYRUS brought New York to a standstill on Friday morning (25Jul08) as thousands of fans filled the city's streets to watch her perform a free concert.

Speaking before the concert - which was held to promote her new album Breakout - Cyrus revealed her nerves had kept her awake the night before.
She said, "Last night I had just an hour and a half sleep. But I walked out there and heard the crowd scream - and I was ready." ... Read More ...
Miley co-hosting TRL Day 2!
-Posted by: Mikey

Miley was on TRL again yesterday and we've got the video up for you guys! laughing
You can download it HERE.

For the 1st appearance of the week click here
The Today Show + Candids
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley performed earlier this morning for NBC's The Today Show summer concert series at Rockefeller Center. Check back for all the videos and now go check out all the PHOTOS we got up for ya!! ENJOY laughing

Plus Miley was seen leaving her NYC hotel looking cute in green pants, gray tee and cool jewelry: PHOTOS HERE

& there's moooore! Miley just helped launch the Bolt Across America Cross Country Fundraiser in Central Park. Go check out the PHOTOS HERE

Plus we added more caps of Miley Music + More HERE and on TRL this week HERE

MTV TRL Photos
-Posted by: Quivi

We added tons of pics of Miley's appearances on TRL last Wednesday and Thrusday! She sported her trend look hat+tshirt-leggins+boots looking great and went totally girly and gorgeous in an Alice + Olive dress so check out BOTH clicking the links bellow:

MTV TRL aired July 23rd 2008 photos
MTV TRL aired July 24th 2008 photos

Plus DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO of her 1st appearance HERE and 2nd appearance HERE.

Also, you can see candids of Miley filming TRL and leaving the studios.
Miley Cyrus: Let The Eagles Roar
-Posted by: Quivi

She won't be there to watch it happen. But when a pair of 14-week-old American bald eagles are released into the wild Thursday, Miley Cyrus will have had something to do with it.

The eagles were named by Miley Cyrus and her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley named her eagle "Hope." That was her middle name before she had it legally changed earlier this year.

The birds are to be released at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The bald eagle was once on the brink of extinction, but was taken off the endangered species list last year.
Miley Cyrus Auction -- The Price Of The Meet-And-Greet Is Climbing ...
-Posted by: Quivi

While some media outlets are billing the prize as a 'date,' it's not quite that.

The "Hannah Montana" star � whose new LP, Breakout, hit stores on Tuesday � is currently auctioning herself on eBay for charity � sort of ...

While media reports have been billing the auction as a "date" with Miley, the wording on the site describes it as an opportunity to "meet" the star, detailing it as "a personal meet and greet and photo opp with Miley herself!"

The highest bidder gets that opportunity at the premiere of Disney's animated flick "Bolt," which features the voices of Cyrus, John Travolta, Malcolm McDowell (!) and others, on November 26. And what would a Disney premiere be without a trip to the magic kingdom? The winner will also get a three-day/ two-night stay at a Disneyland resort.

If you can't swing the rising price tag � which hit four figures within minutes of the bidding beginning on Tuesday, and was at $4,150 at press time � Miley is also selling a bunch of personal stuff.
... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus "Lookin'" for a Boyfriend
-Posted by: Quivi

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus is single � but she says she's "lookin'" for a boyfriend.

"It is hard when you are hanging out with guys, even guys that are just your friends," the 15-year-old singer-actress, who's been linked to Nick Jonas and co-star Lucas Till, said on Today Thursday.

"[He's] automatically your boyfriend, because that's what the media thinks," she explained. "I think it's good if you can be able to have guy and girl friends that, you know, understand you... and it stinks when we go out; people automatically think we're together."
... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus: Paparazzi Are �Not So Cool Anymore�
-Posted by: Quivi

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus recently spoke with Extra! about her current life as a teenager and her new CD, Breakout. Here�s what she had to say:

On shedding the good girl image: �I wanted to embrace my older audience a little more�kind of taking shackles off and doing the music I wanted to do. They are the things I want to say to the world. I just want this to be a CD that you can let loose to and dance to and kind of forget all the crazy stuff!�

On how she deals with the constant media attention: �There�s going to be that no matter what�I am obviously under the public eye a lot�Instead of putting negativity to it, taking the opportunity to make it a positive thing. It gives me an opportunity to voice those decisions, those things I go through a little more publicly, and hopefully they help people out in their lives.�

On paparazzi chronicling her every move: �Yeah, 24/7. It�s weird. At first I kind of always wanted it�then once it started happening to me it�s not so cool anymore.� ... Read More ...
Miley Co-hosts TRL Day 1
-Posted by: Bob

Miley co-hosted TRL yesterday, the first of two this week, where she looked FABULOUS in an Alice + Olivia dress. We've got her appearance on that show posted Here for ya to check out. She talked about her album Breakout, Tattoos, Katy Perry and also she sang a song acapella.


Plus: don't forget to watch Miley on the Today show on Friday. She's also scheduled to perform on MTV's FN!
Bolt Trailer with Intro
-Posted by: Bob

Thanks to Mike we have the trailer for Miley's new movie "Bolt" that aired the other day on DC with an introduction by her. Be sure to Check It Out Now.
More Miley Music+More
-Posted by: Bob

We've now added both parts of Miley Music+More. See #1 Here and #2 Here.

Plus we added lots of lovely CAPTURES HERE

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