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Oct 6th, 2009 ~ Auburn Hills, MI
Oct 7th ~ Columbus, OH
Oct 9th ~ Des Moines, IA
Oct 10th ~ Milwaukee, WI
Oct 12th ~ Tulsa, OK
Oct 15th ~ San Antonio, TX
Oct 18th ~ Dallas, TX
Oct 20th ~ New Orleans, LA
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Hannah Montana News, Updates and Gossip

Miley Cyrus Invites Obama Daughters on Set
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus is extending an invitation to Barack Obama�s daughters Sasha and Malia and to visit her on the set of Hannah Montana.

While promoting her animated film Bolt the teen star said "It�s not exactly the same thing but I know what it�s like to live in the shell of your dad and I would love for them to be able to break out of that and feel like they can just come to the set and hang out like normal girls." ... Read More ...
Billy Ray: Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston "Write a Lot of Songs Together"
-Posted by: Quivi

Billy Ray Cyrus says his 15-year-old daughter Miley and 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston are making sweet music together.

"I'll tell you what � they are great friends, and they make a good team," he told Usmagazine.com at Monday's Bolt premiere in L.A. "They write a lot of songs together, and they sing � it's incredible."

He called his daughter's latest big screen effort, the animated Bolt, "amazing."

"It�s going to be a great night," said the "Achy Breaky Heart" singer, ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus the victim of Internet death hoax
-Posted by: Quivi

No need to grieve, tweens: Miley Cyrus is not dead.

The "Hannah Montana" star, who is alive and well, was the victim of an Internet hoax over the weekend when someone hacked into her YouTube account and posted a video alleging she'd been killed by a drunken driver.

The video, which has been taken down, had a fake message from Cyrus pal Mandy Jiroux, who swiftly denied the rumor in a posting on her official MySpace page.

Wrote Jiroux: "MILEY IS OK!! Some1 hacked our youtube account."

More proof: The Associated Press interviewed Cyrus at the Los Angeles junket for the Disney animated film "Bolt" on Sunday night. She voices a 12-year-old TV actress in the movie, which hits theaters Nov. 21. Source: Yahoo! News
News Bits
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley has 3 big released out today so it's a super Miley shopping day! Make sure you run to the store and get yours or buy them online, as you know amazon always has discounts: you can check them out here: Hannah Montana Season 1 DVD, Hannah Montana DVD Game, Breakout: Platinum Edition and Bolt Soundtrack laughing

Miley and Billy Ray will appear at MetroStation's "Seventeen Forever" video @ Dec.5 FNMTV at 8pm
Miley will perform "Fly on the Wall" on the Dancing with the Stars Final @ Nov.25 ABC

We have lots of freebies for you: avatars, blends and wallpapers. Big thanx so our lovely graphics makers! You can submit your graphics via contact form or uploading them to the gallery (register). Make sure you add comments!
Bolt Press Conference
-Posted by: Marin

Last week Miley had a press conference for Bolt in New York. We've added some HQ PICTURES of her there!

Tour Dates
-Posted by: Mileygirl10

Thanks to Mitchel Musso online for a few of Mitchel's up comming
tour dates.

Saturday, November 22nd Phoenix, Arizona Performing at the tree lighting ceremony

Thursday, November 27th Houston, Texas Thanksgiving parade

January 16 - 18, 2009 Colorado Steamboat Family Snow Festival

Cast Video
-Posted by: Mileygirl10

I found a new video of the cast of Hannah Montana talking about Season 3.
Be sure to check it out.
New Really Short Report
-Posted by: Mileygirl10

The Really Short Repot has a new video featuring Emily and Moises Arias.
Be sure to check it out.
Miley Cyrus' Hilarious Driving Lessons
-Posted by: Quivi

Learning to drive is proving a nightmare for Miley Cyrus, thanks to a scary driving teacher and aggressive pedestrians.

The teen superstar is having lessons so she can get behind the wheel when she turns 16 later this month. But she's not finding it as easy as she had hoped.

Cyrus explains, "My driving instructor scares me. We're driving along and he'll say to me, 'What's going to happen if you make a left turn?' I'll say, 'I dunno' and then he'll go, 'Bang - that's going to happen to your brand new car'. He just starts hitting things." ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus Talks About Lending Taylor Swift Her Boyfriend For CMA Performance
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus has no qualms about lending her boyfriend, Justin Gaston, out to newly single friends, like Taylor Swift. On Wednesday night, the pop star attended the CMAs in Nashville alone so that Swift could use Gaston during her performance at the awards ceremony.

"I'm flying solo tonight," Cyrus told People.com on the red carpet. "Justin is making an appearance in Taylor's song. But that's OK, because it means my two best friends are onstage at the same time!" ... Read More ...
Miley Cyrus Spoofs Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Video -- Swapping Zombies For Paparazzi
-Posted by: Quivi

Miley Cyrus might not be dating Nick Jonas anymore, but that doesn't mean their paths don't cross once in a while. For her new "Fly on the Wall" video, the teen star hooked up with Philip Andelman, who also directed the Jonas Brothers' "Lovebug" clip.

"I'm not sure if she did know I directed the ['Lovebug'] video and she didn't mention it on set," he told MTV News of the coincidence. But, the director said, she definitely had a very strong idea of what she wanted in the video. "I was told the song was a soft poke at the paparazzi that Miley is constantly surrounded by and that she was hoping for there to be some choreography in the video."

Cyrus told us the song is about the constant attention she gets, whether she goes to the mall with a new love interest or holds a "sweet 16" bash at Disneyland. " 'Fly on the Wall' is about the media," she said. "It's about how they think they know everything about me, when they don't. They want to be a fly on my wall and watch me 24/7." ... Read More ...
Live with Regis and Kelly
-Posted by: Quivi

We added caps of Miley on Live with Regis and Kelly ealier this week, promoting Bolt. She looked super cute and the interview had a lot of really funny moments so make sure you surf through all the CAPS HERE + as u know we got the video here

New Candids!
-Posted by: Marin

We've added new candids of Miley out in New York and in Burbank before some press events last Thursday and Friday!

Arriving at Howard Stern Radio Show
Arriving at the Jay Leno Show

Miley on GMTV caps
-Posted by: Rob

Miley was a guest on the english morning show GMTV late last month, thanks to summerangel for recording & capping those which she kindley uploaded to the gallery you can view them HERE
Miley on Jay Leno!
-Posted by: Mikey

Miley was on Jay Leno tonight and she looked stunning! She was interviewed by Jay Leno and talked about turning 16, driving lessons, dating, and her new movie Bolt! She even brought her a clip of the movie. Click here to download the interview now! tongue

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